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I have a GoFundMe campaign going on right now to help me make my own ducks (from the ground up). Please check it out if you get a moment: http://www.gofundme.com/ef1d3c OR purchase ANYTHING from the site between Nov.1-Dec.19 and be automatically entered into a raffle I will have December 20, 2014 for a $50 gift certificate that will be emailed to you if you win (please note that if you do not win I will NOT be emailing you but thank you so much for your purchase).

I will be unavailable for several days starting Tuesday, December 16th. All orders will be completed upon my return. Thank you for your understanding!

Only Ducks

Only Ducks started around 2008 when I began with anime rubber ducks that were very simple in their design. Since then, I've made over a hundred different types and thousands of individual ducks. I was originally selling my ducks only at anime conventions but I took the business online and it's taken off since then. Most of the products on this site are hand made by me but a few items will be purchased from manufacturers and sold here due to their ducky nature.

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