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This is a customizable Tier 1 ZOMBIE rubber duck. This is a zombie with blood, a body part in its mouth and a weapon stuck in it somewhere. Choose the base details from the drop-down menu. 

I've included some pictures of the ones I've already made so you can get an idea of what they would look like when completed. **PLEASE NOTE: These are the standard edition zombie ducks. If you're looking to get something more elaborate, please check one of the other tiers of zombies that I have listed.**

These ducks measure 2" tall and are for DISPLAY ONLY!! Please do not put your duck in the bath. Near the bath (in the bathroom) is fine, but be aware that it might collect mold/dust if left a long time without cleaning or dusting (as most things in a home will after time). Some of these ducks contain small parts that might be harmful if swallowed. Please keep away from small children and pets if you think this might be a problem. If this is a gift for a child, please note that LIGHT PLAY is fine and it is sturdy but it might not last for a long time with rough play.


Allow at least 1-2 days for this duck to be made and once it's completed, an email will be sent to you with the pictures of it so you can approve or have me make changes if I can (at certain times, I can only fix/change so much). Once approved, you will then recieve an email from the USPS (or me) with your tracking information (U.S. only for tracking unless you're getting priority shipping overseas) once I'm ready to ship.


-All my ducks are made using water based acrylic paint or fabric paint then coated with a water based polyurethane coating that makes it basically waterproof (not that the paint wasn't already waterproof but just wanted to let you know). The adhesive I use for the parts is dangerous only to me due to the fumes (before it dries) afterward it sometimes has a funky smell but it's not toxic after it's dry.-

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Only Ducks, LLC officially started in 2009 (i.e. became an LLC), though I started modifying ducks about a year or two before that. Since then, I've made over a hundred different designs and more than 800 individual ducks. I was originally selling my ducks only at anime conventions and after a while I took the business online and it's taken off since. Most of the products on this site are hand made by me but a few items will be purchased from manufacturers and sold here due to their ducky nature.

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