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This is a custom gymnast duck. Choose type and color of hair and the sex of the gymnast. If you'd like it to look like a specific person then once you've purchased the duck and chosen the base colors/sex, please send a picture or description with payment OR in an email with your name (so that I may associate it with your purchase) and details about the outfit as well (color/style/etc. pictures are prefered for this so I can get it accurate). If you'd like a general gymnist in a certain color outfit, please add a note to your checkout or send an email to let me know the details.

These ducks measure 3" tall and are for DISPLAY ONLY!! Please do not put your duck in the bath. Near the bath (in the bathroom) is fine, but be aware that it might collect mold/dust if left a long time without cleaning or dusting (as most things in a home will after time). Some of these ducks contain small parts that might be harmful if swallowed. Please keep away from small children and pets if you think this might be a problem. If this is a gift for a child, please note that LIGHT PLAY is fine and it is sturdy but it might not last for a long time with rough play.

Allow at least 3 days for this duck to be made and once it's completed you will recieve an email from me with confirmation photos before I ship it out. 

The pictures shown are just a sample of what I've done before.

-All my ducks are made using water based acrylic paint or fabric paint then coated with a water based polyurethane coating that makes it basically waterproof (not that the paint wasn't already waterproof but just wanted to let you know). The adhesive I use for the parts is dangerous only to me due to the fumes (before it dries) afterward it sometimes has a funky smell but it's not toxic after it's dry.-

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