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This is a tshirt of my logo (comes in different colors and sizes depending on the options you pick). This link will take you to my store on It's a trusted site to get products that are made by artists so don't be afraid to go there.
**PLEASE NOTE: if you try to purchase the t-shirt through my site (here on you'll not be able to get it. The price shown is only as a place holder. You have to click on this above link in order to purchase the shirt. The picture shows what the shirt will look like. Please click on the link to see what you'll be getting. You can also go directly to my page on Zazzle through this link to get other items made by me:

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A Little About Me

Only Ducks, LLC officially started in 2009 (i.e. became an LLC), though I started modifying ducks about a year or two before that. Since then, I've made over a hundred different designs and more than 800 individual ducks. I was originally selling my ducks only at anime conventions and after a while I took the business online and it's taken off since. Most of the products on this site are hand made by me but a few items will be purchased from manufacturers and sold here due to their ducky nature.

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