Welcome to Only Ducks

I personally hand paint and modify vinyl ducks to look like almost anything or anyone you can think of. If you don't see a specific duck on the site, please contact me for a special request.

**I've started a monthly subscription page to help me make my own rubber duck bases (the base duck that I use to add paint/cloth to) and if you'd like to help support that cause and get a duck in return (for certain levels of subscription) then feel free to join up. It's free to join (literally takes like 3 minutes to sign up) and you can see things others have made along with mine and/or you can subscribe to different causes. https://www.patreon.com/onlyducks**

Only Ducks

Only Ducks started around 2008 when I began with anime rubber ducks that were very simple in their design. Since then, I've made over a hundred different types and thousands of individual ducks. I was originally selling my ducks only at anime conventions but I took the business online and it's taken off since then. Most of the products on this site are hand made by me but a few items will be purchased from manufacturers and sold here due to their ducky nature.

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